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Cutlery set GoBites Trio


Cutlery set GoBites Trio


GoBites Trio is the ultimate set for the enthusiast while backpacking or going for a picnic. This is the set that will leave a lasting impression on all your friends and is very useful at the same time. Just the feeling when you open it up and the way the knife, spoon, fork and toothpick presents itself is awesome!

Color: Grey
Article number: HG0420
EAN: 0091037722034

More about GoBites Trio

The box that all components are stored in will keep you tools clean before you eat and will make sure you won’t get messy when you are done eating with them.

GoBites Trio has six functions, the box where you store everything in, the fork, the spoon, the toothpick and the knife with the cap lifter. The Spoon capacity is approx. 1,5 teaspoons (8,9 g). The set weighs 92 grams and is 21,3 x 5,2 x 19,9 cm. Made of BPA-free nylon, a material that is amazingly strong and durable. Dishwasher safe.

Product specification

Article number: HG0420
Brand: Humangear
EAN: 0091037722034

Product measures

Height: 0 mm
Length: 0 mm
Width: 0 mm
Weight: g

Order pack

Height: 25.4 mm
Length: 279.4 mm
Width: 82.55 mm
Weight: g
Quantity: 1

Blister pack

Height: 104.9 mm
Length: 294.89 mm
Width: 305.05 mm
Weight: g
Quantity: 15

Product sheet and images

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