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  • Patagonia

Patagonia is one of the leading suppliers of apparel for the outdoor- and sport market and is through their engagement for the environment a forerunner within the industry. For Patagonia it is important to do things in the right way and make clothes of good quality – and in this way cause no unnecessary harm to the environment and contribute to a better world.

We at Roswi are agents for Patagonia in Sweden and Denmark. Would you like to get in touch with us or become a Patagonia dealer? E-mail patagonia@roswi.se or call +46-8-505 665 00.

Please note that in order to become a dealer an account application approved by Patagonia is needed.

Are you already a dealer? Log in here in order to place your orders.

Are you a consumer and would like to purchase a product from Patagonia? Find your closest store here.


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