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Crispy bagels with new mold from Lékué


The solution for crispy and easily cooked bagels are here. Lékué is now individual moulds for cooking homemade bagels. The individual mould format lets you boil and bake the bagel in the mould. Obtaining perfect results!

Do you also love bagels, but never get to them in the same good shape as the bakeries? Lékués new bagel mold is the solution. With this mold, your bagels will get crispy and you can use the mold both for the cooking and baking of your bagels. Get the perfect shape with this mold.

Easy to form

The mould’s conical shape is designed to: 1) Help to perforate the bagel quickly and easily. 2) Let you easily handle the mould by its tip without burning yourself. 3) Maintain the round shape and the hole when you boil and bake the bagel.

  • Recipes included
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made of 100 % Platinum Silicone

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