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Four smart kitchen news from Chef'n


Smart kitchen tools can definitely facilitate the cooking and save a lot of time. Chef'n finally releases four news that both helps and saves time at home. Can you live without them?

FreshForce™ Herb Scissors

Scissors designed specifically to make stripping and snipping fresh herbs and leafy greens. Stainless steel blades. Hand-wash recommended.

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FreshForce™ Utility Scissors

A time saving scissor, yes it's true. This hardworking tool includes five functional parts: scissor, box cutter, saw blade for breaking down cardboard, a wire cutter, and a bottle opener to cap it all off.

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Avoquado - 4-in-1 Avocado Tool

Avoquado is the tool for you who love avocados and would like to facilitate the work of getting the fruit out of the shell. You may also be using the same tool to cut up the shell and to smoothly lift out the core.

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Stack'n Peel - 3 Peeler Set

Stack'n Peel is a set of 3 peeler that will make it easier for you in the kitchen. Includes straight, serrated and julienne blades. Snaps together for easy storage. Finger buttons for more comfortable grip. Top-rack dishwasher safe.

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