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How to get perfectly poached eggs


Eggs are both healthy and filling and just poached eggs are amazingly good and feels extra luxurious than a typical cooked. But how do you do it? With Lékués new product Poach Pod it becomes easy to get perfectly poached eggs.

Have you tried to poach eggs but have not managed to get a good result yet? You're not alone and you do not have to try your old ways anymore - now there's an easier way!

Poached eggs without burning your fingers

With Lékués new product Poach Pod, you get perfectly poached eggs without burning your fingers. This is because the silicone lid is very easy to open and has a part that protrudes above the surface that you can grasp. A metal net in the bottom part will allow to cook the egg perfectly. Helps to eliminate the excess extra of white of the eggs.

Poached egg in three minutes

If you have 3 minutes, you have the perfect poached egg. It had never been so easy and quick to cook poached eggs!

Egg Poacher will allow you to optimally cook the poached egg in the most efficient way: let the water heat 90ºC – 95ºC (195ºF-200ºC) without letting it reach its boiling point, introduce the mold with the egg inside and, in only 3 Minutes, ready to enjoy!

Comes in 1-pack and 2-pack. Read more about Poach Pod here!


For more information, contact:

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