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Katadyn Hiker Pro - new water filter for a safer outdoor life


The Swiss manufacturer Katadyn, market leader in portable water purification, now launches Katadyn Hiker Pro, a small water filter with ideal characteristics for a safer recreation.

Katadyn that has manufactured products for water purification for over 80 years now launches Hiker Pro, a development of the bestseller Hiker. Hiker Pro is a lightweight water filter that only weighs 310 grams, but still can purify up to 1150 liters of water before a change of the filter is needed.

Thanks to the large filter area, Hiker Pro purifies one liter of water per minute and is surprisingly easy to use. The filter is also easy to clean thanks to a built-in filter protector that protects and prolongs the life of the micro filter. The active carbon filling also removes bad tastes and odors from the water. Thanks to the convenient quick connectors Hiker Pro can easily be connected to the most commonly used fluid systems and thus purify the water while filling the bottle or bladder. 

The Katadyn Hiker Pro lets you safely purify water from lakes, rivers and other water sources. Bacteria, parasites, sediment and bad taste are effectively removed. The outbreaks of the parasite cryptosporidium in Östersund and Skellefteå last year reminds us that access to clean water can not always be taken for granted.

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Product Features Katadyn Hiker Pro

Pump Filters. AntiClog ™ pleated filter cartridge in fiberglass fabric with 0.3 micron pore size. Built-step purification with activated carbon

Removes bacteria, parasites, cysts, algae, spores, and sediment. Reduces any bad taste and odor

Purifies about 1L of water / min

Up to 1150L of water depending on water quality

310 grams

7,6 x 16,5 x 6,1 cm

Pre-filters, removable filter cover, two tubing sets with quick connectors, Easy Fill ™ bottle adapter and carry bag

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