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Make entree, dessert and aperitif with Lékués Cookie Glass


Now there is a new way to bake on. Make entree, dessert and aperitif (ice glass) with Lékués new product Cookie Glass. Create the base in the form of a glass - then fill the glass with optional ingredients. Comes in a package of 8.

Cookies tend to always look the same but now there is a new exciting way to bake on. The new cookie molds from Lékué is shaped like glasses. In the center of the molds there is a hole, to later on be able to fill with your choice of topping. Cookie Glass is also perfect for appetizer and aperitif (ice glass).

Fill the cookie with fruit, mousse or milk

There are many options of topping to the Cookie Glass. Good examples of great topping is fruit, mousse or milk. If you choose to fill the cookie with a liquid, such as milk, you need to seal the cookie on the inside with for example chocolate. Otherwise the liquid can flow through.

The design of the mold has been developed to make it easy to turn it inside out. The side tabs help you to quickly and easily get the cake out of the mold.

"Cookie Glass" a trendy biscuit from New York

The chef Dominique Ansel from New York is the creator behind this fashionable biscuit and has got the New York residents to again combine cake with milk.

  • Gluten-free recipes included in the pack
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made of 100% Platinum Silicone

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