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New soda siphon in classic design from iSi


The classic Sodamakern is back! New Soda Maker Classic iSi looks great, works great and will give you refreshing, carbonated soda drinks and cocktails. You are also kind to the environment when choosing tap water and carbonating your water yourself.

In Sweden, we have access to clean water 24 hours a day directly in the crane. Nevertheless, large amounts of bottled water are sold in Sweden. More specifically, 25 liters per person per year.

When choosing tap water you make the environment a great service as the tap water is always locally produced and distributed in pipes which is very energy-efficient. If you also like carbonated water, maybe you think this is a reason to buy it in a bottle? Think again.

Sodamaker Classic is both nice to the environment and nice to watch. The soda siphon is made of high quality steel with a stylish classic retro design, which makes it nice to have it on the on the table. Buy extra carbonate cartridges separately. It has two years warranty and in the box you will find:

  • 1 bottle made from PEN with mesh made from stainless steel
  • 1 device head with pressure control valve
  • 1 charger holder
  • 1 riser tube
  • 1 measuring tube
  • 1 measuring tube key

Want to read more or buy Sodamaker Classic? Read more here!

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