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Nine new water bottles from SIGG


Are you getting enough water every day? It is more important than you think. Invest in a good looking water bottle that is always close at hand and we promise that it will be easier to remember. Below we list nine new stylish water bottle from SIGG.

0,3l FunnyInsects

Pink baby bottle containing 0.3 liters with cute pattern with ladybug and butterfly.


0,3l NallePuh

Green baby bottle containing 0.3 liters with Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet.


0,4l Bella_unicorn

Turquoise bottle containing 0.4 liters with pink unicorn.


0,4l Frost_olof

Fancy Frost? Olof decoreates this 0.4 liter bottle.


0,4l Zootropolis

Zootropolis fan? Here is the 0.4 liter bottle for you.

0,6l Mr Pingu

Black 0.6 liter bottle with "Mr. Pingu".


0,6l Traveller Smoked Pearl

Stylish 0.6 liter bottle in color Smoked Pearl.

0,75l Total clear-grey

0.75 liter bottle with one-hand grip - gray details.


0,75l Total clear-red

0.75 liter bottle with one-hand grip - red details.

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