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Patagonia wins "Best eco-label" in Gear of the Year


Patagonia is passionate about the environment - something they certainly proved during Black Friday 2016, when they chose to donate 100 % of their sales to environmental organizations. Yesterday Patagonia was awarded "Best eco-label" in Gear of the Year.

Sportfack holds an annual "Gear of the Year", which this time was the eighth in the order. In "Gear of the Year" products and brands that stands out in any way, are nominated, voted and designated. Patagonia was nominated in the category "eco-label", which rhymes quite right.

- It's really great that we won the award because it is a proof that Patagonia is the right way and hopefully this can inspire others to do the same and follow their choices, says Jenni Swadding, sales manager for Patagonia.

Patagonia always goes its own way when it comes to the environment and the passion to make a difference. During the shopping weekend Black Friday last year they decided to donate 100 % of their sales to environmental organizations. It became 10 million to environmental activities worldwide.

Today, Patagonia's mission is to develop the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, inspire and develop solutions to the environmental crisis.

- If our environment are going to feel better, we need to work together. If more people and brands did what Patagonia does, we would together be able to make a huge difference, says Jenni Swadding.


For more information, contact:

Jenni Swadding, sales manager for the agency brands of Roswi
Roswi AB
Direct: 070-886 35 83
E-mail: jenni.swadding@roswi.se

Sofia Base, Press contact
Roswi AB
Direct: 070-586 35 77
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