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Roswi AB is expanding its kitchen offering with clever innovations from Switzerland


Roswi's kitchen family has just been extended with a new and exciting member. Roswi AB becomes a new distributor for the Swiss brand Betty Bossi who designs and manufactures innovative and clever kitchen products. With the help of Betty Bossi's products, everyone can shine like a star in the kitchen.

Do you want to prepare really tasty food and delicuous pastries which you are able to present in a beautiful way, but dare lacking inspiration and tools to achieve this? Then Betty Bossi has the products which will be your best helpers in the kitchen. Each product is delivered with a step-by-step guide and recipe booklet.

The recipe for successful and smart cooking

Betty Bossi started as a small magazine in 1956 which distributed free recipes for traditional Swiss dishes and pastries. Today, Betty Bossi is a global company with a passion about recipes and cooking as well as manufacture top quality kitchen products with the mission to enable easy cooking and baking. It is said that every household in Switzerland has at least one cookbook and probably a number of kitchen products from Betty Bossi. Additionally, the company's products are celebrated worldwide for their high quality and neat features.

"The products are easy to work with as well as making advanced cooking and baking possible for everyone. Who doesn't want to hear that you've cooked tasty food and at the same time you are able to present it in a beautiful way," says Product Manager Jonas Svärding.

Who is Betty Bossi?

The name "Betty" origins from the American magazine Betty Crocker and "Bossi" was chosen because it was a common and well recognized name in Switzerland. "Betty Bossi Zeitung" is today published as a paid magazine containing both traditional Swiss and international recipes. During the years, Betty Bossi has also published over 100 cookbooks containing recipes for dishes, desserts and pastries.

Are you curious about Betty Bossi? Take a look at the products here.

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