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Roswi AB is strenghtening its offering with Brazilian BBQ tradition


Roswi is starting a new exciting collaboration with the Brazilian company Tramontina. The company is going to further strengthen Roswi's kitchen range with its world-famous barbecue knives, cutlery and tools featuring beautiful and functional wooden handles.

Are you looking for high quality barbecue knives and cutlery which all have that little extra something? Then have a close look at the Tramontina's Churrasco Premium assortment at Roswi. You will find elegant cutlery, knives and tools consisting of beautiful and durable wooden handles and high quality steel blades which provides you with that perfect cut in the barbeque meat.

Inspired by the Brazilian cuisine

The barbecue style "Churrasco" is almost as old as Brazil and the tradition of cooking meat leads us back to the 19th century and southern Brazil where the founders of the Churrasco (gauchos) lived. Actually, it´s the same place where Tramontina once comes from and now the company sees their mission to keep the Churrasco tradition alive. Tramontina provides all the tools you need in order to cook and eat Churrasco or any other barbecue dish you desire - with style, convenience and finesse. Using Churrasco Premium products, you can also expect a barbecue experience beyond the ordinary one.

The creativity that will improve life

Tramontina strives purposefully to improve people's lives by inspiring in daily life, stimulating meaningful experiences and creating added value through their products. Tramontina's goal is to stay as the reference of a brand representing quality, innovation, ethical relationships and human values.

"We are really excited about this cooperation. Tramontina's corporate culture is based on dedication, hard work as well as delivering reliable, durable and high-quality products. You may also add the long Brazilian barbecue tradition to that list. It is obvious that they know what they are doing when you lay your eyes on, touch, feel and use the products. The products are designed in an incredible way " says Product Manager Jonas Svärding.

Tramontina today

The company was founded in 1911 by Valentin Tramontina in the town of Carlos Barbosa, located in southern Brazil. More than 100 years later, his memory lives on through the products, the brand, the values, the work environment and, above all, in the way the daily work is done in Tramontina's locations: With the creativity to do something beautiful and good! Today, Tramontina has about 8000 employees, a portfolio of approximately 18,000 products, and is represented in 120 countries.

Are you curious about the Tramontina assorment at Roswi? Take a look here!

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