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Roswi AB, new distributor for BioLite


Roswi AB is proud to announce a new collaboration with the brand BioLite. BioLite manufactures stoves that converts fire into energy and lets you charge your devices at the same time.

BioLites goal is to get the "energy everywhere" and help people to live off the grid by creating advanced energy products that help you to cook, get power and recharge your life even where power and electricity is not available. BioLite has developed techniques to convert the fire to electricity and power sharing between devices. BioLite is now leading the category and won the award "ISPO Brand New Company Award" for accessories in 2016.

- We are very pleased to announce our new partnership with BioLite. Their products is just right in time. Being able to create energy from what nature provides is amazing and at the same time be able to cook is genius, says Christopher Carlander, CEO Roswi.

BioLite - CampStove

One of the best sellers of BioLite is BioLite CampStove - a kitchen that generates electricity that can be used through a USB port. The advantage of the kitchen is that the fuel is wood that can be found in nature, this gives unlimited access to fuel. When burning in CampStove the wood is burned efficiently thanks to a power-increasing fan. This provides a smokeless fire that you can cook and boil water on. CampStove is very easy to get started, the fuel is free, and it has good performance (boil 1 liter of water of 4.5 minutes).

The range consists of a number of smart solutions such as barbecue, solar panel and camping lighting. You find the full range here: http://www.roswi.com/brands/biolite

Roswi began to represent BioLite March 1, 2016

Roswi began to represent BioLite 1 March 2016. For more information on how to order products from BioLite, e-mail info@roswi.se or call 08-505 665 00.

For further information, please contact:

Christopher Carlander, CEO
070-886 35 82

Michael Carlander, Product Manager
073-500 20 10

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