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Roswi AB new distributor for Excalibur dehydrators


Roswi AB is proud to announce a new collaboration with the brand Excalibur. Excalibur manufactures high quality dehydrators and has been doing it since 1973.

Do you want to extract as many enzymes and preserve as many nutrients as possible in for example your fruits and vegetables? This is just what happens if you dry your fruit with a dehydrator.

Drying since 1973

Since 1973, Excalibur has manufactured dehydrators in Sacramento, California. With a dehydrator you can dry fruits and vegetables to for example make your own granola. With a dehydrator you can also dry meat for jerky to make your own outdoor food and dry fruit puree for fruit.

– That we are now expanding our range further with just dehydrators feels really fun. This is a product that is suitable for both our kitchen range, but also for our outdoor range when dryers are products used in outdoor activities, says Michael Carlander, Product Manager outdoor at Roswi.

Make natural snacks with a dehydrator

With a dehydrator, you can also make completely natural snacks for your animals. The opportunities are huge. Who does not like to be able to use every year's harvest longer? By drying the food, you extend the durability. If you for example like to pick mushrooms a dehydrator is perfect. The drying process is much faster with a dehydrator and you don't need to have muchrooms laying around everywhere when they are drying.

– The dehydrators are available in different sizes, so there is something that suits everyone. If you for example pick a lot of mushrooms and want to dry as much as possible at the same time, you can buy a 9-tray dehydrator. For those who dry less there are 4-tray dehydrator, says Jonas Svärding, Product Manager kitchen at Roswi.

Products from Excalibur are for people who have a healthy lifestyle and put their wellbeing first. The products from Excalibur are scheduled to be in stock at the beginning of November.

For more information about ordering products from Excalibur, email info@roswi.se or call 08-505 665 00.

Are you curious about the range already? Take a look here!


For more information, contact:

Jonas Svärding, Product Manager kitchen
Roswi AB
Telephone: 070-864 57 12
E-mail: jonas.svarding@roswi.se

Michael Carlander, Product Manager outdoor
Roswi AB
Telephone: 073-500 20 10
E-mail: michael.carlander@roswi.se

Sofia Base, PR Manager
Roswi AB
Telephone: 070-586 35 77
E-mail: sofia.base@roswi.se

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