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Roswi AB, new distributor for Kupilka


Roswi AB is proud to announce a new collaboration with the brand Kupilka. Kupilka manufactures drinking vessels and plates of an environmentally friendly biomaterials, 50% pine fibre (wood) and 50% thermoplastic. The products are fully recyclable into new products or can be burned.

Kupilka is an old name from ancient times that combine quality design with new technology of the highest caliber with environmentally friendly plate sets. It will be a perfect complement to the rest of Roswis range.

- Our customers are often asking for cutlery, plates and drinking vessels that are perfect for adventures in the woods, made of quality and that have an eco-aware. This is exactly what Kupilkas products does, says Michael Carlander, Product Manager at Roswi.

Durable products

Kupilkas products are lightweight and durable. They are also easy to clean with water and is therefore very good to bring out into the nature. The material is water resistant and hygienic. All Kupilka products are dishwasher safe.

- Many products today does not have the quality that they promise. We are happy that we have found Kupilka and their products which are very durable, says Michael Carlander.

Manufactured with EKOenergi in Finland

Kupilka products are made from Kareline Natural Fibre Composite material. The biomaterial consists of 50% pine fibre (wood) and 50% thermoplastic. Kupilka products are also recyclable and can be returned to normal plastic recycling centres or grinded and casted again into new products at the end of their life span.

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