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Roswi AB, new distributor for Powertraveller


Roswi AB is proud to announce a new partnership with the brand Powertraveller. Powertraveller designs, develops and produces numbers of innovative portable charging solutions. So that you can charge, wherever you are. Roswi starting to represent the brand from 1 January 2016.

Whether you are on a picnic or in the wilderness, it can become a problem if, for example, your phone discharge. There are many portable charging solutions today, but these also need to somehow be charged and can also discharge.

The capacity of Powertravellers products is what separates them from the crowd. Being able to charge, for example an iPhone 2-4 times is a great advantage. A great advantage is also to have the capacity to charge an iPad to one hundred percent. Many of Powertravellers charging solutions can do that.

Charging via solar or hand-powered crank

Powertraveller thought a step further and adapts perfectly to outdoor activities as their products for example can provide power from solar cells, or hand-powered crank. You will, thanks to these clever solutions always be able to charge your device, wherever you are.

- Powertraveller is a brand right in time with today's always-connected human. We are setting the same requirements to have access to power, whether we are at home, in the office, traveling, or are in the wilderness, says Michael Carlander, Product Manager Roswi AB.

Roswi begin to represent Powertraveller from January 1, 2016

Roswi will begin to represent the Powertraveller from January 1, 2016. To get more information on how to order products from Powertraveller, e-mail info@roswi.se or call 08-505 665 00.

Look at the range now!

For further information, please contact:

Christopher Carlander, CEO
070-886 35 82

Michael Carlander, Product Manager
073-500 20 10

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