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Roswi AB new distributor for SteriPEN


New acquisitions are many and Roswi AB continues to connect with quality brands to the Swedish market. New in is the American brand SteriPEN - ultraviolet light water purification so you can drink the water wherever you travel.

Miles Maiden, founder of Hydro-Photon (SteriPEN) love the outdoor life. One day he thought there should be other ways to purify water than to filter or use chemicals. This became the start of SteriPEN, a pocket-sized purification system that uses ultraviolet light for water purification, destroying more than 99.9 percent of all bacteria, viruses and protozoa. Over the years, SteriPEN has developed 8 different patents and has been awarded several awards.

SteriPEN complements our range of water purification with a method that is quite unique. It will be very exciting to offer this great tool to the Swedish market, says Michael Carlander, Product Manager at Roswi.

Easy travel size to bring

SteriPEN uses ultraviolet light technology but in a flexible travel format. This way, it's easy to take with you when you are traveling or on an adventure outdoors where you may want to clean the water to drink.

The smoothness of SteriPEN is that the format is small, which means that everyone can carry it. Being able to clean your drinking water wherever you come is something I do not think anyone will say no to, says Michael Carlander.

Are you curious about the brand and want to know more? Go to SteriPEN here!


For more information, contact:

Michael Carlander, Product Manager
Roswi AB
Telephone: 073-500 20 10
E-mail: michael.carlander@roswi.se

Sofia Base, PR Manager
Roswi AB
Telephone: 070-586 35 77
E-mail: sofia.base@roswi.se

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