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Roswi acquires Creative Design AB


More quality brands now available from Roswi.

Starting July 1st, Roswi AB took over the business from Creative Design AB, distributor of the well-known and established brands. The brands are Lékué baking- and food preparation products made of silicone, iSi soda- and cream siphons, architec cutting boards and kitchen products, Galic peppermills and the Combooh spoon.

Some of the most well-known products are the lemon squeezer, DecoMax decoration pen and a complete range of baking moulds made of silicone from Lékué. Apart from this cream siphons from iSi are also very appreciated. Innovative and eco-minded products from architec such as cuttingboards and kitchen tools. The range also includes Galic pepper- and saltmills.

Roswi and Creative Design share the same philosophy

The acquisition is motivated by the fact that the philosophy and product portfolios of Roswi and Creative Design fit very well together. Several other key values are also shared, such as the goals to keep a high service level, quick deliveries and offer unique well-known brands of high quality. With a growth strategy within the housewares business the new distribution rights fit very well into the existing range offered today by Roswi.

Roswi AB is an authorized importer/wholesaler for several high quality brands. The product portfolio today consists of Victorinox Swiss army knives and kitchen knives, Chef’n innovative and fun kitchen utensils, Chef’sChoice knife sharpeners, SIGG Swiss designed water bottles, Light My Fire Swedish innovative camping products such as the Spork. Office and warehouse is located in Täby north of Stockholm.

Jonas Svärding start to work on Roswi

Jonas Svärding, who under many years has run Creative Design AB together with Jan, will start working for Roswi in order to secure continuity. In time Jonas will grow into a roll with marketing and PR. Jan will be there in the background for a while and in time start to enjoy his retirement.

“We see big advantages with this merger since it further enhances our position on the market and also that we now can offer our customers an even sharper range of products.” said Christopher Carlander, Managing Director, Roswi AB.

“I am very happy to become a part of the Roswi team and remain confident that together we will create growth for our supplier but also long term profitability for our customers.” said Jonas Svärding, Managing Director, Creative Design AB

More details we be published soon. The Creative Design customers who are not yet customers at Roswi will be registered as customers soon. A complete new pricelist will be sent out that includes all products.

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