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Roswi starts to sell Patagonia in Denmark


Roswi AB starts selling Patagonia apparel and footwear in Denmark.

Today Roswi AB has signed an agreement with Patagonia to start representing them on the Danish market. The effect is that the responsibility of sales of Patagonia apparel and footwear has been transferred to Roswi.

The first Patagonia collection that Roswi will present to the Danish market is the Fall/Winter 2011.

Patagonia is currently the only brand Roswi represents on the Danish market. On the Swedish market Roswi works with several high-end brands such as Katadyn, Light My Fire, Maglite, Nalgene, Optimus, PacSafe, SIGG, Trek’N Eat, UCO and Victorinox.

”The entire Roswi team is very happy for the opportunity and trust to continue the work with Patagonia on the Danish market and the very professional work that has been done there.” says Christopher Carlander, CEO, Roswi AB

“Roswi has proven in their first season with Patagonia last winter to be able to adapt themselves quickly as a professional agent for Patagonia in Sweden. Therefore we felt very confident with the decision of appointing them as an agent also for Denmark.” says John Zopfi, Patagonia Sales Manager Northern Europe

For more information and images please contact:

Christopher Carlander John Zopfi
VD Roswi AB Patagonia Sales Manager Northern Europe
christopher.carlander@roswi.se john_zopfi@patagonia.com
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