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SIGG launches double-walled glass vacuum flasks and thermos flasks with one-hand grip


An autumn news from SIGG is "SIGG Hot & Cold Glass", practical thermoses made of double-walled glass. At the same time, they release "SIGG Hot & Cold One" - the smart thermos for cold and hot drinks, now with one-hand grip.


A thermos made of glass without burning yourself? When SIGG is involved and makes decisions everything becomes possible. Thanks to the double-walled glass the thermos keeps hot drinks hot without burning your fingers and cold beverages remains cold without condensation. Glass thermos is ideal for all beverages, from tea to water!

More benefits of glass is that it preserves the taste of the drink and maintains its purity. You can also easily see the contents. The glass is 100% recyclable material. All materials that are used are BPA-free. And remember, glass bottles can break, so handle them carefully.

The glass thermoses come in size 0.4 liter, with the option to purchase silicone grip in different colors.

SIGG Hot & Cold ONE

SIGG Hot & Cold ONE adds to the existing SIGG Hot & Cold collection. Proved double-walled insulation of our SIGG Hot & Cold offering, combined with easy-to-use one hand opening, makes the SIGG Hot & Cold ONE a true on-the-go companion.

The top is inspired by SIGG’s iconic shape and designed for esthetes on-the-go. It allows easy drinking on the train, in the car and in urban life situations - safely locked after use.

SIGG Hot & Cold ONE is made of stainless steel that can be recycled to 100%. The thermos neither takes or gives flavor to the liquid stored in it. Free of BPA and phthalates.


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