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The all new Maglite XL200


The latest addition to the new XL series of small compact flashlights from Maglite.

Another revolutionary breakthrough in flashlight technology. The new Flashlight MAGLITE ® LED XL200™ is the brightest member of XL family, 172 lumens! It works like a combination of their two predecessors, XL100™ and XL50™. This means using Quick clicks to navigate between the five different modes simultaneously that man with a simple twist of the wrist can adjust the various functions. Of course, XL200™ also has a lock-out mode that prevents accidental operation.

Maglite ® XL200™ is designed and manufactured in Mag Instrument newly built factory at about 80 000 m2 in California, USA. The factory is built taking into account one of the world's toughest environmental laws.

Five new user-friendly features

Turn on with ...
 1 quick click of the "DIM" - Normal (On / Off) - Variable brightness with memory
 2 quick clicks of the "STROBE" - Blink - Variable flash memory
 3 quick clicks on "NITE LITE" - Night Light - automatically to the lowest brightness
 4 quick clicks of "signal" - signal mode - User-initiated on / off
 5 quick clicks the "SOS" - Signal International Morse Code SOS

Plus lockout mode

This feature allows the user to lock the XL200 ™ (prevents accidental use). To activate point the reflector up toward the ceiling, hold down the power button. Keep holding the power button while the flashlight is rotated downward so that reflector is directed toward the floor. Release the power button and release button is enabled. Repeat these steps to disengage the lock. The flashlight comes "unlocked".

How to operate the functions

To adjust a specific mode such as STROBE, click quickly once followed by a second time while keeping the button pressed down, rotate your wrist and adjust the frequency of blinking. To adjust for example the SOS mode, then click four quick’s clicks followed by a fifth time while keeping the button pressed down, rotate your wrist and adjust the brightness of the SOS mode.

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