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The new MAGLITE® XL50™ flashlight


With push-button tail cap switch and three easy to use functions.

MAGLITE® XL50™ is designed for optimal light outpus and features a push-button tail cap switch. Maglite® XL50™ is designed and manufactured in Mag Instruments new factory of approx. 80 000 m2 in California, USA. The factory has been built while following one of the worlds toughest environnemental regulations.

To operate use three quick clicks:

1. Quick click 100 % power

2. Quick clicks 25 % power

3. Quick clicks for emergency safety strobe

Maglite XL50 is ANSI-tested

Maglite® XL50™ is tested according to the new ANSI standard by an independent testlaboratory in order to give the consumer an objective understanding of the performance of the XL50™. The results show:

  • 5232 Candela
  • 145 meter range
  • 104 Lumen
  • Water and rainresistant
  • Droptested from 1 meter
  • Batterylife at 100 % power 8 hours 45 minutes
  • Batterylife at 25 % power 36 hours

Technical specifications for Maglite XL50

Dimensions: 12,2 cm x 2,5 cm.
Weight without battery: 59 gram.
Weight with battery: 104 gram.
Powered by: 3 st AAA (LR03) medföljer.

MAGLITE® XL50™ is available in five different colors: black, red, gray, silver and blue.

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