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The New Victorinox Black Ceramic Line


Four new models with black ceramic blade

Victorinox are now presenting four brand new models with a black ceramic blade. The ceramic blade is manufactured from high-purity zirconium-oxide (to a percentage of almost 100%). As a result the blades are almost as hard as a diamond. The blade remains sharp over a very long period and has an impressively high cutting quality.

Victorinox Black Ceramic Line have ergonomic handle

Other advantages with the Victorinox Black Ceramic Line is that it has an ergonomic handle, is durable and extremely sharp, light and handy, does not transfer taste or odor, hygienic and anti-allergic, food safe, resistant to corrosion and acids as well as low maintenance.

Delivered in a gift box

The four new models of the Victorinox Black Ceramic Line consists of two pairing knifes with 8 cm and 12 cm long blades respectively, one kitchen knife with 15 cm long blade and also of a Santoku knife with 17 cm long blade. They are delivered in a gift box that also includes a blade protection for safe storage in the kitchen drawer.

Available at your local cook shop in September 2012 for approx. 700 – 1 100 SEK including VAT. For more information, high resolution images or samples please contact:

Roswi AB
Michael Carlander
073-500 20 10

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