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The NanoGrid is a perfect solution that combines a PowerLight and a Site Light in one package. With the PowerLight you can light up the world and also connect a Site Light and/or charge your gear at your convenience. It has a powerful built-in battery of 4400 mAh, 16 Wh.

Color: Orange
Article number: LCA
EAN: 0853290004155

More about Nanogrid

Connect a PowerLight with up to two Site Light for maximum illumination. Or just use the PowerLight as an extra battery to charge your phone etc. when it suits you best. A Site Light will dispurse a lightfield of approx. 3 meters in diameter. A standing PowerLight will illuminate about 10 meters all around. The lamp-function of  a PowerLight will project the light up to 100 meters.

Product specification

Article number: LCA
Brand: Biolite
EAN: 0853290004155

Product measures

Height: 203 mm
Length: 76 mm
Width: 229 mm
Weight: g

Order pack

Height: 200 mm
Length: 240 mm
Width: 240 mm
Weight: g
Quantity: 1

Blister pack

Height: 220 mm
Length: 421 mm
Width: 498 mm
Weight: g
Quantity: 10


Product sheet and images

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