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CampStove 2


CampStove 2

Outdoor stoves

The CampStove 2 is an upgraded version of the best seller CampStove. The big differences are that the CampStove 2 has 50% more output than the older generation. It also has an integrated battery of 2600 mAh, so when you are using it the battery charges up. As usual, you are fossile free when burning wood found in the forrest.

Color: Orange
Article number: CSC1001
EAN: 0853290004575
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Once you are done then you have off grid power available. The new CampStove 2 also has an LED dashboard and fan settings. This way you can easily see how much power you have left, how much power is generated and also what speed the fan has been set on. 

Thanks to the fan the wood will burn at a higher temperature that also creates less smoke. In fact, you can boil 1 liter of water in 4,5 minutes so it really is comparable to gas stoves - only thing is that you never have to buy fuel again since you find it in nature free-of-charge.

The thermo-electric generator (the orange part) can be detached and fits into the burn chamber of the CampStove 2 for easy storage and a minimum amount of space requirements. The package becomes roughly the size of a 1 liter wide-mouth Nalgene bottle in size. 

The CampStove 2 comes standard with a Flexlight that produces 100 lumens and can be seamlessly dimmed to create the right atmosfere. In the package you will find:

  • A CampStove 2
  • A BioLite Flexlight
  • A Stuff sack
  • A pack of fire starters
  • An USB cord
  • Instructions

The power output is 3W @ 5V and will peak at 4W @ 5V. Charging a device for 20 minutes should give approx. 60 minutes of talk time (charging times vary by device and strength of fire). It will take approx. 4,5 minutes to boil 1 liter of water, this will also vary depending on strength of fire. It is compatible with most USB-chargable devices such as smart phones, GPSs, action cameras & BioLite lighting products.

When the product is packed it measures 201 x 127 mm and weighs in at 935 g. 

N.B.! Read the instruction manual before first use for your own safety!

Product specification

Article number: CSC1001
Brand: Biolite
EAN: 0853290004575

Product measures

Height: 238 mm
Length: 114 mm
Width: 135 mm
Weight: g

Order pack

Height: 267 mm
Length: 127 mm
Width: 127 mm
Weight: g
Quantity: 1

Blister pack

Height: 288 mm
Length: 357 mm
Width: 420 mm
Weight: g
Quantity: 9


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