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New and larger ice cream molds from Lékué

Making your own ice cream at home is both economical and healthy. You can reuse the ice cream molds and decide the ingredients yourself. Lékués ice cream news this year means even more ice cream - the ice cream molds are bigger and in nice shapes like watermelon and pineapple. The new ice cream molds hold 95 ml - perfect for the true ice cream lover. The ice cream molds are easy to fill. Contains simple recipes, including lactose and gluten free Dishwasher safe BPA-free Here you will find all ice cream molds from Lékué!

New soda siphon in classic design from iSi

In Sweden, we have access to clean water 24 hours a day directly in the crane. Nevertheless, large amounts of bottled water are sold in Sweden. More specifically, 25 liters per person per year. When choosing tap water you make the environment a great service as the tap water is always locally produced and distributed in pipes which is very energy-efficient. If you also like carbonated water, maybe you think this is a reason to buy it in a bottle? Think again. Sodamaker Classic is both nice to the environment and nice to watch. The soda siphon is made of high quality steel with a stylish classic retro design, which makes it nice to have it on the on the table. Buy extra carbonate cartridges separately. It has two years warranty and in the box you will find: 1 bottle made from PEN with mesh made from stainless steel 1 device head with pressure control valve 1 charger holder 1 riser tube 1 measuring tube 1 measuring tube key Want to read more or buy Sodamaker Classic? Read more here!

The Patagonia Worn Wear truck to Sweden and Denmark

One of the most responsible things we can do as a company is to make high-quality stuff that lasts for years and can be repaired, so you don’t have to buy more of it. The Worn Wear program celebrates the stories we wear, keeps your gear in action longer and provides an easy way to recycle Patagonia garments when they’re beyond repair. One way Patagonia do this is with Patagonia Worn Wear Truck - a car to tour around the world to the place to have your favorite garments repaired and prolong its life. Now it's time for both Sweden and Denmark to get to know this amazing event. Bring your garments you want to get fixed - at no cost. Below you will find all dates. Date Venue Location 09/05 Fly Fish masters Slussgatan 2, 211 30 Malmö, Sweden 10/05 Le-Fix DGI Byen, Tietgensgade 65, 1704 Copenhagen, Denmark 11/05 Spejder sport DGI Byen, Tietgensgade 65, 1704 Copenhagen, Denmark 13/05 Askersund Outdoor festival / Naturkompaniet Askersund, Sweden 14/05 Naturkompaniet  Siroccogatan 13, Sickla köpcenter, 131 54 Stockholm, Sweden 15/05 Nitty Gritty Krukmakargatan 26, 118 51 Stockholm, Sweden   For more information, contact: Jenni Swadding, sales manager for Patagonia Roswi AB Direct: 070-886 35 83 E-mail: jenni.swadding@roswi.se Sofia Base, Press contact Roswi AB Direct: 070-586 35 77 E-mail: sofia.base@roswi.se

Uncompromising performance with the new Gerber Center-Drive

When Gerber did a survey among users of multi-tool and asked what they used the most in their multi-tools, the answer was: knife, pliers and screwdriver. The new multi-tool Center-Drive, therefore has these tools particularly easy to reach. Center-Drive is both designed and manufactured in the USA. This is the tool you have at your side when you are facing real challenges and need a proper tool, with many features in one. The thoughtful one-thumb opening design allows for quick deployment of the three full size tools you depend on most: the pliers, the blades and the screwdriver. The Center-Drive is revolutionary, introducing an extra-long 3.2 inch magnetic bit driver that opens to align with the center axis of the tool – giving you all the torque and rotation of a traditional screwdriver. In total, the Center-Drive has 13 functions: One-thumb opening system Spring-loaded needle nose pliers w/ X-Channel rail system Rotatable carbide wire cutters & strippers Full-size 8,2 cm (3,25") 420HC fine edge blade Magnetic 8,1 cm (3,2") Center-Axis bit driver Pry bar w/ nail puller & bottle opener Serrated blade Awl, file Magnetic flathead and Philips bits Lanyard hole Fabric sheath included You find Center-Drive HERE!

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