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Crispy bagels with new mold from Lékué

Do you also love bagels, but never get to them in the same good shape as the bakeries? Lékués new bagel mold is the solution. With this mold, your bagels will get crispy and you can use the mold both for the cooking and baking of your bagels. Get the perfect shape with this mold. Easy to form The mould’s conical shape is designed to: 1) Help to perforate the bagel quickly and easily. 2) Let you easily handle the mould by its tip without burning yourself. 3) Maintain the round shape and the hole when you boil and bake the bagel. Recipes included Dishwasher safe Made of 100 % Platinum Silicone Do you want to know more about the bagel mold? Click here!

Make entree, dessert and aperitif with Lékués Cookie Glass

Cookies tend to always look the same but now there is a new exciting way to bake on. The new cookie molds from Lékué is shaped like glasses. In the center of the molds there is a hole, to later on be able to fill with your choice of topping. Cookie Glass is also perfect for appetizer and aperitif (ice glass). Fill the cookie with fruit, mousse or milk There are many options of topping to the Cookie Glass. Good examples of great topping is fruit, mousse or milk. If you choose to fill the cookie with a liquid, such as milk, you need to seal the cookie on the inside with for example chocolate. Otherwise the liquid can flow through. The design of the mold has been developed to make it easy to turn it inside out. The side tabs help you to quickly and easily get the cake out of the mold. "Cookie Glass" a trendy biscuit from New York The chef Dominique Ansel from New York is the creator behind this fashionable biscuit and has got the New York residents to again combine cake with milk. Gluten-free recipes included in the pack Dishwasher safe Made of 100% Platinum Silicone Do you want to read more about Cookie Glass or order? Click here!

Roswi AB, new distributor for Cabeau

Cabeau create innovative travel products and offers affordable luxury for everyone. Whether it is about their award-winning Evolution Pillow by memoryfoam or their adjustable Midnight Magic sleep mask, they provide unique neck pillows, comfort products, travel accessories and on-the-go tools of high quality. - Cabeau is a great addition to our range of travel products. They are inspired by endless invention and stands for quality and innovation, says Michael Carlander, Product Manager at Roswi. A comfortable travel experience It all started when Cabeaus founder David Sternlight played professional basketball as a youth. He travelled a lot which not always was so convenient and stiffness was something he often experienced. During this time, David decided that he wanted to create a better and more comfortable travel experience both for himself and everyone else. Said and done - in 2009, after months of development, the travel pillow Evolution Pillow was born. - Cabeau has won several awards for its innovative patented products. A test that Expressen's All About Travel (22/4 2016) made about neck pillows are just one example. Then Evolution Pillow got 5 wasps out of 5, says Michael Carlander. Cabeau in over 50 countries Today it is possible to find Cabeaus patented travel pillows, comfort products and accessories in over 50 countries around the world. Cabeaus products since inception has set a new industry standards for quality and comfort and has won several awards. The range that consists of travel blankets, travel pillows, sleep masks and accessories can be found here: http://www.roswi.com/brands/cabeau

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