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With the Quick Quinoa & Rice Cooker you can finally cook quinoa, rice and all types of cereals fast, easy and without a mess in the kitchen. Cook your healthy dishes in the microwave with th eQuick Quinoa and Rice Cooker only in a few minutes. Did you know that you can use it to cook, remove the water from the container and serve the food in? Cook your healthy meail in just a few seconds. This is really clever cooking and  healthy "fast food".

Color: Green
Article number: 0200700V17
EAN: 8420460012665

More about the Quick Quinoa & Roce Cooker

  • Designed for cooking quinoa and rice in an optimal way. The design is based on research in cooperation with the Alicia Foundation.
  • The colander is designed to easily swipe water away from even tiny grains such as quinoa.
  • Fast cooking: make up to 4 batches in 11 minutes.
  • No sticky fingers, microwave or dinner table: The foam stays within the container during the cooking process.
  • Versatile container: Can be used for cooking as well as serving from.
  • Time table for cooking times and rercipe booklet is included.
  • Dishwasher safe, suitable for microwave and refridgerator.
  • Material: Silicone.  

Product specification

Article number: 0200700V17
Brand: Lékué
EAN: 8420460012665

Product measures

Height: 0 mm
Length: 0 mm
Width: 0 mm
Weight: g

Order pack

Height: 135 mm
Length: 185 mm
Width: 185 mm
Weight: g
Quantity: 1

Blister pack

Height: 165 mm
Length: 575 mm
Width: 390 mm
Weight: g
Quantity: 6

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