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Roswi is expanding its offering with Big Agnes high quality tents, sleeping systems and camping equipment

Innovative outdoor products meet high demands Big Agnes develops and manufactures high quality tents, sleeping bags, air pads, camping equipment and more. Both parties are very excited about the new collaboration. They feel confident that this is a "perfect match" that will bring many benefits to both retailers and consumers. Michael Carlander, Business Unit Manager Distribution Brands at Roswi says: "We have been looking for a supplier like Big Agnes during a long period of time since we had a gap to fill in our sports and outdoor product portfolio. As always when choosing a new supplier we need to make sure it meets our high standards in terms of  functionality, aesthetics, durability and service level in order to meet our customers' needs in the best way. Big Agnes managed to both fulfill all our requirements as well as impress us with their wide range of products covering everything from rugged to pure lightweight products, "concludes Michael. Mark Flanagan, Sales Director at Big Agnes tabs in: "For Big Agnes, it was important to secure a Nordic-focused distributor who truly understands our high quality products, the market's needs  and of course the consumer. Roswi has a really good potential to grow together with us in the Nordic countries and we look forward to a rewarding collaboration" , says Mark. Living the brand in Steamboat Springs, Colorado For nearly 20 years Big Agnes has been developing and manufacturing its premium products in Colorado, USA. It all started with the innovative sleeping system which had the ability to ensure that the sleeping bag did not slip off the air pad. This allowed the user to maintain a comfortable sleeping position as well as securing a good night's sleep. Ever since, Big Agnes continiously built up its wide range of equipment and attracted outdoor enthusiasts and lightweight fans around the world. Big Agnes have, for example, produced a collection consisting of only lightweight tents where the lightest one weighs approximately 170 grams! The core of Big Agnes success consists of employees with a good life/work balance who also enjoy an active lifestyle and often help out by  testing the products on the field near the beautiful Steamboat Springs. Are you curious about our Big Agnes offer? Please visit Big Agnes brand section and/or get in touch with us:   Michael Carlander, Product Manager Roswi AB Phone: +46 8 505 665 00 Email: michael.carlander@roswi.se Cecilia Theisinger, Press Manager Roswi AB Tel: +46 8 505 665 27 Email: cecilia.theisinger@roswi.se        

Roswi AB acquires Berg & Nycander AB

An excellent complement to the kitchen range Roswi already represents many well-known brands within the field of kitchen gear such as Victorinox, Chef's Choice, Lékué and Tramontina and more. What all of these brands have in common is that they provide products made from high quality materials, featuring functional and attractive designs. This makes Peugeot and T&G Woodware a perfect complement to Roswi's current kitchen gear range. Christopher Carlander, CEO of Roswi, adds: "We are very happy and excited about this acquisition. In the near future, customers will be able to access both our existing range and the fantastic kitchen products from Peugeot and T&G Woodware under one roof. This means, among other things, an easier and more efficient purchasing process for our customers, "concludes Christopher Carlander. Long experience and expertise Berg & Nycander AB was founded in 1928 and has since the 70s worked as a distributor for high quality garden and household products. The long experience has also led to a broad and deep knowledge of both the products and the areas within which the company has sold. Caroline Sandberg, CEO of Berg & Nycander, also welcomes the acquisition: "There are many similarities between Roswi and Berg & Nycander in terms of choice of high quality kitchen brands to collaborate with, long industry experience and solid staff expertise. All this makes Roswi an obvious choice as the buyer of Berg & Nycander as well as a new distributor for Peugeot and T&G Woodware, "concludes Caroline Sandberg. In addition to kitchen utensils, Berg & Nycander has worked with selling greenhouses and sheds, a business which Roswi will not take over. The staff from Berg & Nycander will continue to work in the kitchen industry as Roswi employees, which also means that the experience and expertise will remain within the walls of Roswi. Do you want to know more? Contact us: Chistopher Carlander, CEO, Roswi AB Phone: +46 (0)8 505 665 00 Email: christopher.carlander@roswi.se Caroline Sandberg, CEO, Berg & Nycander AB Tel: +46 (0)70 898 ​​89 86 Email: caroline@bony.se Cecilia Theisinger, Press Manager Roswi AB Tel: +46 (0)8- 05 665 27 Email: cecilia.theisinger@roswi.se

Roswi AB is strenghtening its offering with Brazilian BBQ tradition

Are you looking for high quality barbecue knives and cutlery which all have that little extra something? Then have a close look at the Tramontina's Churrasco Premium assortment at Roswi. You will find elegant cutlery, knives and tools consisting of beautiful and durable wooden handles and high quality steel blades which provides you with that perfect cut in the barbeque meat. Inspired by the Brazilian cuisine The barbecue style "Churrasco" is almost as old as Brazil and the tradition of cooking meat leads us back to the 19th century and southern Brazil where the founders of the Churrasco (gauchos) lived. Actually, it´s the same place where Tramontina once comes from and now the company sees their mission to keep the Churrasco tradition alive. Tramontina provides all the tools you need in order to cook and eat Churrasco or any other barbecue dish you desire - with style, convenience and finesse. Using Churrasco Premium products, you can also expect a barbecue experience beyond the ordinary one. The creativity that will improve life Tramontina strives purposefully to improve people's lives by inspiring in daily life, stimulating meaningful experiences and creating added value through their products. Tramontina's goal is to stay as the reference of a brand representing quality, innovation, ethical relationships and human values. "We are really excited about this cooperation. Tramontina's corporate culture is based on dedication, hard work as well as delivering reliable, durable and high-quality products. You may also add the long Brazilian barbecue tradition to that list. It is obvious that they know what they are doing when you lay your eyes on, touch, feel and use the products. The products are designed in an incredible way " says Product Manager Jonas Svärding. Tramontina today The company was founded in 1911 by Valentin Tramontina in the town of Carlos Barbosa, located in southern Brazil. More than 100 years later, his memory lives on through the products, the brand, the values, the work environment and, above all, in the way the daily work is done in Tramontina's locations: With the creativity to do something beautiful and good! Today, Tramontina has about 8000 employees, a portfolio of approximately 18,000 products, and is represented in 120 countries. Are you curious about the Tramontina assorment at Roswi? Take a look here!

Roswi AB is expanding its kitchen offering with clever innovations from Switzerland

Do you want to prepare really tasty food and delicuous pastries which you are able to present in a beautiful way, but dare lacking inspiration and tools to achieve this? Then Betty Bossi has the products which will be your best helpers in the kitchen. Each product is delivered with a step-by-step guide and recipe booklet. The recipe for successful and smart cooking Betty Bossi started as a small magazine in 1956 which distributed free recipes for traditional Swiss dishes and pastries. Today, Betty Bossi is a global company with a passion about recipes and cooking as well as manufacture top quality kitchen products with the mission to enable easy cooking and baking. It is said that every household in Switzerland has at least one cookbook and probably a number of kitchen products from Betty Bossi. Additionally, the company's products are celebrated worldwide for their high quality and neat features. "The products are easy to work with as well as making advanced cooking and baking possible for everyone. Who doesn't want to hear that you've cooked tasty food and at the same time you are able to present it in a beautiful way," says Product Manager Jonas Svärding. Who is Betty Bossi? The name "Betty" origins from the American magazine Betty Crocker and "Bossi" was chosen because it was a common and well recognized name in Switzerland. "Betty Bossi Zeitung" is today published as a paid magazine containing both traditional Swiss and international recipes. During the years, Betty Bossi has also published over 100 cookbooks containing recipes for dishes, desserts and pastries. Are you curious about Betty Bossi? Take a look at the products here.

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